Getting Listed on Peer Insights

Here’s your guide to listing your offerings on Peer Insights!

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Welcome to Gartner Peer Insights! We are glad to have you here.

Gartner Peer Insights is the undisputed leader for Enterprise software and service buyers, Peer Insights helps customers grow their businesses by connecting them with experienced, verified IT professionals.

The first step to utilizing Gartner Peer Insights is to list your offering(s). We ask that vendors submit a request in order to be listed. This article will walk you through the process.

Step 1: Vendor Access

If you do not have a Peer Insights account yet, you need to create a Gartner Peer Insights account to gain access to the GPI Vendor Portal. Note that we verify all users on Gartner Peer Insights before being provided access. Please allow 2-5 business days for the Gartner Peer Insights team to review and verify your account.

Step 2: Verify your Email

As a part of our validation and approval process, we ask that every user verifies their email address. If you did not receive the verification email please reach out to us at for further assistance.

Step 3: Add your Company Name

Once you have verified your email address we will then direct you to a page:

If your company is not yet listed: Type in the name of your company exactly as you’d like it listed on Peer Insights. You will then select the “+” button to add your company name and select “Continue”.

If your company is already listed: If you find that your company is showing as an option to select, this means you are already listed. Please select the company name here and select “continue” in order to gain access to the GPI Vendor Portal.

Step 4: Request to Add your Offering

  1. Type in the name of the product you would like to add. Select the "+" button next to the name to add the product to the form:

  2. Step 2 asks for competitor products and top customers. Please note that this is kept strictly confidential and not public facing.

  3. In step 3, you will be asked to select a broad product category and a market. The broad category simply allows you to narrow your search. You may not find the specific market name here.

Once you have selected a Broad Product Category, you will then click "Add Markets" to select the specific market/category you would like to request to be added to.

If you do not find a broad category that fits your offering best, no problem. Select any broad category and in the next step you can select to search through "All Markets".

4. Upon selection of a market, you will find a list of capabilities for the market. A product will only be considered for a market if they meet at least 50% of the market capabilities. If there is a mandatory capability the product must also meet that capability in order to be considered. Vendors will need to submit links to prove the capability is met.

(mandatory features denotes by a "*" symbol)

5. The Peer Insights market alignment team will review your add product request and the Peer Insights team will reach out to the vendor via email to provide them with an update about their request. Vendors can also see the status of their requests in their Vendor Request Tracker. Note: After submitting we will process your request within 8-10 business days.

6. You will then be directed to the GPI Vendor Portal Discover page. You will see this page until your account access has been approved. Once approved you will receive full access to the GPI Vendor Portal. This page is helpful for vendors to start learning about Peer Insights!

Once you’re successfully listed on Peer Insights, what’s next?

  • Once you have successfully listed an offering you will need to complete an onboarding session. Vendors must complete an onboarding session before being assigned and meeting with a Program Manager. Onboarding is designed to set you up for success on Gartner Peer Insights.

  • Once you’re aligned we suggest that you connect with your Program Manager! A Program Manager is the best resource to learn about best practices, sourcing strategies, marketing reviews, and more!

Need additional assistance? Reach out to your Program Manager or email for assistance!

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