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Getting Started with Peer Insights

New to Peer Insights? Welcome, see important information to get started!

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What does Gartner Peer Insights offer?

Gartner Peer Insights is the undisputed leader for Enterprise software and service buyers, Peer Insights helps customers grow their businesses by connecting them with experienced, verified IT professionals. Gartner Peer Insights represents the unfiltered, firsthand experiences of the enterprise technology buyer. All reviews are anonymous, fully vetted and authenticated by Gartner.

Why Should I List my Products on Peer Insights?

Complimentary Use

  • Gartner Peer Insights is a complimentary reviews platform offered by Gartner. Clients do not need a Gartner license to read, review, or submit reviews and vendors do not need a Gartner license to list and sourcing reviews for products.

Anonymous Platform

  • Using Gartner Peer Insights allows your clients to leave honest and insightful reviews due to the anonymous nature of the platform. Reviewers can feel more confident leaving an honest review on the platform while providing vendors more insight into their products and services.

Verified Reviews

  • All reviews on Gartner Peer Insights have gone through our extensive Review Moderation process. The purpose of the validation and moderation process is to 1) validate reviewers’ identity, 2) check for potential conflicts of interest, and 3) ensure reviews meet Peer Insights standards for quality.

Review Sourcing Links

  • A Review Sourcing Link is a custom URL that vendors are able to create in your GPI Vendor Portal. Vendors then share the link with their clients to gather reviews for their product(s) on Peer Insights. A sourcing link brings the reviewer directly to the page to write a review.

Do I have to be a Gartner client to be listed?

No, you do not need to be a Gartner client to be listed on Gartner Peer Insights. Gartner Peer Insights is a free platform open to the public.

Which market should I list my product in?

Peer Insights markets are aligned to Gartner Magic Quadrants or Market Guides. For a full list of our markets click here. In determining whether a product or service fits in a Gartner Peer Insights market, the GPI Market alignment team may consider the following criteria, among other things, regarding a Vendor’s products or services:

  • The product or service must have all capabilities described as “mandatory” in the Magic Quadrant or Market Guide market definition. If no capabilities are described specifically as “mandatory,” the product/service must have 50% or more of all other features or capabilities enumerated in the market definition and description.

  • The Vendor must sell to mid to large-size enterprise clients. GPI does not include small business or consumer IT solutions because it is aligned to meet the needs of enterprise buyers.

  • Peer Insights maintains a freeze period of three (3) months (or longer in some cases) before review sourcing ends for Voice of the Customer. During this freeze period, the addition of new products and services to a Peer Insights market will be put on hold. Once the freeze period has ended, GPI will then add the product(s) or service(s) to the market, provided that it/they meet(s) the market criteria.

    • Please note, if review eligibility timelines shift/extend, the freeze period will also shift/extend accordingly. Solutions will be added to the market after the freeze period has ended (after the last day of review eligibility).

  • If your offering is currently in a market/category that does not fit best, you will want to submit a request to Add your Existing Offering to a New Market.

For additional information please see our Product Listing Guidelines.

Why would I be placed into an “Others” market?

The “Others” market is good for vendors who are very niche, and know that they generally do not fit in any existing Gartner Magic Quadrants or Market Guides. One of the good things about being in “Others” is that vendors can get started sourcing reviews and when a market opens up that is aligned to their capabilities, we can migrate them and their associated reviews out of the “Others” market and into the new market.

What is the process for being removed from a market?

Periodically the Peer Insights team completes audits to markets which may result in your market being added or moved to another market. You can also request to remove your offering from a market - see step-by-step instructions here. Note: A product will not be removed from the market if our team believes that the product meets more than 50% of the market capabilities.

If you see your product in a different market please note that per our Product Listing Guidelines (section 2.2) products that meet at least 50% of the market inclusion criteria will remain within a given market at the sole discretion of Gartner Peer Insights. Please review the market description to better understand the capabilities of the market. If you need further assistance, please reach out to your program manager or email us at

If you have already taken the recommended steps and still disagree with the decision, you may escalate this to the Ombudsman. This escalation process is outline below:

  • Step 1: Send an email of your documented complaint to

  • Step 2: You will be contacted to discuss your complaint.

What is my next step after my product is approved and listed?

  1. After your product is approved and listed on Gartner Peer Insights, your next step is to attend an onboarding call. We ask that all new vendors attend an onboarding call to help them familiarize themselves Peer Insights and how to navigate the platform. About one business day upon completion, you will be introduced to your Program Manager who can assist you with further questions.

  2. Confirm/Edit your Vendor Profile Information and Company Description

  3. Submit your Product Profile(s) for each offering listed

  4. Meet with your Program Manager to discuss your upcoming sourcing strategies!

Additional Questions

If I am not mentioned in the Magic Quadrant, can I still be listed on Peer Insights?

Your product does not need to be mentioned in the Magic Quadrant to be listed on Peer Insights.

Is it true that a Market Guide or Magic Quadrant must be created first before creating a new category on Peer Insights?

Markets that align to Gartner research markets, MQ/MG-defined markets, need a Magic Quadrant or Market Guide to be published for Gartner Peer Insights to open a new market. However, GPI-defined markets do not need a Magic Quadrant or Market Guide to be published for Gartner Peer Insights to open a new market.

All active markets on the Gartner Peer Insights platform are candidates for Voice of the Customer (VOC) reports.

Need additional assistance? Reach out to your Program Manager or email for assistance!

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