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Gartner Conference Exhibitor & Peer Insights Information

How to integrate reviews into your Gartner Exhibitor / Gartner Conference experience

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Gartner conferences are uniquely designed with a combination of actionable, objective insights, expert guidance and consultation, peer networking, and solution provider assessment, resulting in an experience for attendees that is unforgettable and transformative.

Vendors who are Exhibitors at conferences have the opportunity to share their solutions with a wide range of well-qualified, senior-level prospects across our role-based annual conference ecosystem. Exhibitors have the opportunity to engage with high-quality, senior-level audiences of decision-makers while they are in “buy mode,” in that more than 80% of our audience expects to invest in external resources to advance their priority. And they need your help: 97% cite the biggest challenge as “identifying the right solutions”

Once you have decided to participate as an Exhibitor, it’s time to start preparing. One area that you will want to leverage onsite as part of your booth build, handout materials, and digital presence while at your conference is your Gartner Peer Insights ratings and reviews presence. Conference attendees have likely been exposed to Gartner Peer Insights, and understand, trust, and explore third-party peer reviews that have been fully vetted by Gartner as part of their buying journey.

While you are on site, integrating your GPI reviews into your conference strategy can round out your Gartner exhibitor presence.

The information below consists of items you may want to consider integrating into your Gartner Exhibitor event planning strategy:

1. Reviews Featured in the Events Navigator

Gartner Peer Insights reviews and ratings are featured in the Events Navigator alongside Exhibitor’s information. Attendees of the conference will be able to see exhibitor information and relevant Peer Insights ratings and reviews through the conference app.

In the months leading up to your Gartner conference, make a point to check how your Peer Insights reviews are featured in the Events Navigator app experience. Ensure that your overall ratings and links to read your reviews are featured properly. Additionally, you may consider reaching out to your customers to invite them to leave a review to drive new, recent reviews on the site for attendees to potentially explore.

If you need assistance with the Events Navigator please contact your Conference Representative. If you are experiencing issues with the Events Navigator please contact Pete Toth at

Important Note: Peer Insights on Conference Navigator cannot be altered in any way (i.e., filtered, excluded, individually chosen, etc.). This is due to the coding that pulls the Peer Insight reviews over to Conference Navigator. If an Exhibitor does not want those Peer Insights to show on Conference Navigator, then they should select Opt-Out within the Peer Insights task in their Exhibitor Portal.

Events Navigator Desktop View

Events Navigator Mobile View

2. Leverage reviews in your Booth Marketing

Your potential prospects want to know what your current customers like about your product! Why should they choose you over another vendor on the show floor? What makes your product stand out? Trusted, verified reviews from your customers on Peer Insights can help to validate the messaging you are sharing during the event with potential prospects. Don’t just take our word for it - see what our customers have to say.

Vendors have the capability to utilize Peer Insights quotes, badges, and overall star ratings in marketing at events. Review our Marketing Tools for Vendors to find the Peer Insights branding guide, logo styling guide, and more.

Examples of items that are frequently used are:

  • Quotes from recently published reviews on screens

  • Overall Rating and # of reviews

  • Key sub-ratings that differentiate you from your competitors (Product Capabilities, Service & Support)

  • Customer’s Choice badge or Customer First badge implemented into the booth design

  • Voice of the Customer inclusion and placement integrated into the booth design

  • Small business cards with QR code to read/write reviews for folks to quickly grab

  • 1-sheets with all of the above

Any Peer Insights material that you plan to utilize for your physical booth build, in handouts, or digitally must be approved by the Content and Compliance team prior to the conference.

3. Validate Your Markets/Products Prior to the Conference

Imagine this - You’re on-site at Gartner Symposium, setting up your exhibitor booth, excited for the days ahead. Your CEO mentions to you that she’s talked to a few customers that will also be onsite about coming over to review ProductX while they are onsite. ProductX launched a few months ago, and everyone is excited for the first reviews to be published on Gartner Peer Insights so that they can be used in marketing material. You pause, check your Gartner Peer Insights profile, and realize that Product X isn’t even listed for review yet!

We want to avoid this nightmare scenario at all costs! It is imperative that you review your Peer Insights profile prior to attending the conference to confirm your offerings and markets are a correct representation of your company.

If you need to make changes you will need to submit a request for our team to review. Please allow for 5-10 business days for the request to be reviewed.

4. Plan to Source Reviews at the Conference

Create a plan for how to collect reviews while you are at the conference. Any client that is in attendance can submit a review for your product(s)! There may not be a physical Gartner Peer Insights booth in the exhibition area so please prepare to collect reviews via a review sourcing link.

Reviews can be submitted via a mobile device or a laptop, If you have access to laptops you may want to create a space where customers can sit and write a quick review. Vendors can also create handouts with a QR code connected to their review sourcing link, allowing customers to write reviews on their own time.

Vendors also have the ability to provide tangible incentives at the event such as promotional items for your company. We recommend providing tangible incentives at your event (like small branded mascot stuffed animals, portable chargers, T-shirts, or other swag items) as when someone visits your booth to leave a review, they typically like to walk away with a physical ‘thank you’ gift for submitting a review.

As always, you are also able to offer your customers the $25 gift card digital incentives via the Gartner vendor review sourcing links, but please be sure to let your reviewer know that their incentive will be sent to them via email and in their User Profile after their review is approved (may take 2-5 business days).

When offering any type of incentive, vendors must ensure the below based on the Incentive Policy for Vendors:

  • Ensure your incentive is of nominal value (as required by the FTC) and aligns with your company's and your customers' policies on accepting gifts. Gartner has determined that the nominal value for an individual Gartner Peer Insights review must not exceed $25 USD.

  • Vendors may not offer more than one incentive to a reviewer for publication of an individual review nor may they offer an incentive in combination with an incentive offered by Gartner.

  • If a vendor opts to offer a monetary incentive, they should opt into the Technology Provider Funded Incentive Program offered by Gartner.

  • Any non-monetary incentive offered by a vendor must not exceed $25 USD in value.

  • Vendors may not host a raffle that offers the chance to receive an incentive that exceeds $25 USD in value.

  • Offer incentives equally for all reviews, not just the positive ones. And offer them to all customers you invite, not just the happy ones.

  • Vendors should not offer incentives to Gov/Public sector employees in exchange for reviews - when in doubt, check with your in-house counsel.

If you’re planning to ask customers on-site to leave a review, you should submit the pre-event survey so our team can be informed and assist with your upcoming event.

Submitting the pre-event survey is important because it helps our team provide assistance should any tech issues arise. After submitting the survey, your GPI Program Manager may reach out to you to ensure you are successful at the event. If you are unsure who your Program Manager is, please email

Other Helpful Tips

Review our Event Resources beforehand

Review our Onsite Event Guide and our Event Planning checklist to ensure all needs are met prior to the event. Your Program Manager is happy to help you at any point in this checklist!

Post Event Recap

Don’t forget to follow up with your Program Manager to debrief. We want to hear what went well and what may have been a sticking point. We are happy to meet and process the campaign and your success with you!

Need additional assistance? Reach out to your Program Manager or email for assistance!

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