Third-Party GPI Vendor Portal Access

Learn more about the guidelines to follow when requesting a third-party user access to your GPI Vendor Portal.

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Many technology providers utilize third-party organizations to oversee and maintain their review programs such as, third-party marketing, analyst relations, public relations firms. Peer Insights understands that these third-party firms need access to a GPI Vendor Portal. In order to stay in compliance a vendor & third-party must follow these guidelines to provide GPI Vendor Portal access to the third-party user:

  1. E-mail our team for access

    1. The vendor contact must e-mail their Program Manager and/or to authorize permission for the third-party firm to have access to your specific GPI Vendor Portal.

  2. Provide Third-party firms with vendor email domain

    1. In order to have access to the GPI Vendor Portal, a contact must have an e-mail address that matches with the vendor contacts. For example, a vendor must provide the third-party firm with an email address that aligns with the company’s domain

      1. If you are accessing the GPI Vendor Portal via an email address that is not related to the vendor in question, your access may be removed at any point during audits.

  3. Notify Peer Insights team any time the relationship changes

    1. If the relationship with a third-party organization changes, please notify the Peer Insights Vendor Success team as soon as possible. Our team will remove access for any users necessary.

To stay within compliance of this policy please follow the steps above. Moving forward, there will periodic audits of technology provider contacts with access to the GPI Vendor Portal. Any email domains that are not aligned with the vendor organization will be removed from access.

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