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Review Moderation FAQs

Questions about submissions, validation, and Gartner assistance

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Who may submit a review and what is the validation process? How do I know reviews are from qualified sources?

Reviewers do not need to be Gartner clients to submit a Peer Insights review. In order to post a review on Gartner Peer Insights, the reviewer must:

Attest to the authenticity of the review by certifying that (i) he or she is not an employee, consultant, reseller, direct competitor or in any other way associated with the Vendor they are reviewing; and (ii) the feedback is based entirely on his or her own personal experience with this Vendor’s product/service.
Have an identifiable corporate email address that matches the stated employer.
Be a working enterprise professional (e.g., students are not allowed to submit a review) including technology decision-makers, enterprise-level users and business users.
Have a confirmed profile on or a credible external website (e.g., LinkedIn) that verifies his or her identity, employer and role.
Not be employed by a company that has a direct stake in the market/category or product being reviewed (this includes system integrators and consultants, as well as the company whose product is being reviewed or competitors in that market/category).

Which reviews are approved and what is the moderation process?

Reviews and Ratings are rigorously assessed and moderated. This process includes verification of the reviewer’s identity, assessment of whether a conflict of interest exists, and moderation of content. Gartner Peer Insights’ moderation team takes up to 3 business days to process a review and conclude if the review is approved or not. A reviewer can also check the status of his reviews through “Your Reviews” section on his Gartner Peer Insights profile page. After a review is approved or not approved, reviewer is notified via email about the decision along with the next steps (in case the review is not approved). In certain cases, where the reviewer information is insufficient, the reviewer is asked to update their profile related information on website within specified duration and review is considered as re-submitted to be re-evaluated by the team.

May my company’s associates review products?

Employees of a technology or service provider may not submit a review on their company’s own products, products of their company’s competitors, or in a market/category in which the company is active in any way, regardless of their role (for example, even if they are an IT end-user professional). IT professionals in a technology or service provider organization may be eligible to review solutions in markets/categories in which their company does not participate.

Why is there a discrepancy in the approved vs. published reviews?

Our moderation team will process all submitted reviews. If a reviewer happens to submit another review for the same vendor in a market/category, it is considered a duplicate review. It may appear as approved, but only unique reviews from each reviewer are published and counted toward overall rating.

Do you contact the reviewers notifying them if their review is approved or not?

Yes, we contact reviewers during every phase of the process. They receive a confirmation email when the review has been submitted and subsequently when the the review has been approved or rejected. If the review is rejected, the reviewer will be notified of the reason for rejection and instructed on how to provide additional information related to their profile or update their review so that it may be re-moderated.

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