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May I briefly describe my company and the products and services we offer on the site?

Not at this time, but we are considering adding that functionality in the future.

May I comment on reviews about my products and services?

Yes, you may submit a response to a review to via the GPI Vendor Portal or by emailing us directly. Your reply should be a maximum of 1800 characters with spaces. Following submission, a program manager will review your reply and notify you when the response is posted on the site. We will also contact the reviewer to let them know.

May I send a private message to a reviewer?

No. We are very careful to protect the identity of our reviewers in order to encourage them to be as candid as possible and provide all relevant details about the products and services they review. However, when you reply to a review, our team will send a message directly to the reviewer to let them know that you replied to their review. It is then their prerogative if they would like to reach out to you directly.

How do I contest a review if I feel it is inaccurate?

Peer Insights reviews reflect the experience and opinion of the authors. Gartner neither endorses nor makes any promises about the accuracy of the reviews. If you feel a review contains factually incorrect information about your company’s product or service, you may inform us, along with the correct details at

How do I know which specific product and version a review is about?

Reviewers are asked to specify which product(s) and versions they have deployed in a given market/category. The product being reviewed is listed at the top of the published review. The version number, if provided, is in the Additional Context section of the published review.

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