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Questions about Product Profile, Submitting a Product Profile, and Moderation of Product Profile

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About Product Profile

What is Product Profile?

The primary purpose of the Product Profile is to allow vendors to provide Peer Insights users with objective, factually accurate information on the company and product where the Product Profile appears.

Do I have to pay to create a Product Profile?

The Product Profile is a free offering for all vendors with at least 1 product listed on Peer Insights.

Why should I create a Product Profile?

A vendor should create a Product Profile to educate end users about their company and product offering. Product Profile can help a vendor reach a potential customer.

Who can see a Product Profile?

Product Profile is publicly available information for anyone who chooses to avail it.

Does a Product Profile expire?

No, Product Profile does not expire. However, we encourage vendors to update their Product Profile to ensure the information is not obsolete.

Where will the Product Profile show up on Peer Insights?

The Product Profile will appear on the applicable Vendor & Product pages on the Gartner Peer Insights website.

Submitting a Product Profile Request

Who within my organization can submit a Product Profile request?

Anyone with valid credentials on GPI Vendor Portal can submit a request for Product Profile.

What kind of information should I be sharing in my Product Profile?

A vendor should share factually correct information with the purpose of educating the end user. Kindly refer to Listing guidelines for do’s and don’ts before submitting a Product Profile request.

I would like to submit a Product Profile request. How can I do that?

Login to the GPI Vendor Portal, go to your Profile and select Markets and Products from the drop down. Then click on Add or Manage Product Profile. This will take you to a form. Please fill out all details on this page and submit. Post moderation, you will receive an update once your Product Profile is live.

For more information about how to submit a Product Profile, please view our How to Add a Product Profile video here.

I have submitted my Product Profile request. Where can I check the status of my request?

Login to the GPI Vendor Portal, Go to Profile and select Request Tracker from the drop down. You can view the status of your request. You can also “View Status” of your request in the email you will receive when you submit your Product Profile request.

I have multiple products available in a market – Do I need to update my information for the product profile for each product?

Yes, the information specific to your product will need to be updated for each product. However, you will not need to update the Vendor Profile for each product.

My product appears in multiple markets. Do I need to update the information for each market or will the same information appear in every market my product is listed in?

Yes, you will need to update the product information for each market that your product is listed in for the Product Profile to populate in multiple markets.

We have a service listed on the site, not a product. Will we still be able to update our information on the Product Profile as a service provider?

Service providers will also be able to update their information on the Product Profile. If you have any questions at launch, please email your aligned Program Manager or

Are short videos permitted in place of screenshots of our product?

Only screenshots will be allowed in the Product Profile. We intend to review the need for videos at an appropriate time.

Are we able to include an email address/contact information for inquiries?

No, the Product Profile will not include contact information.

Moderation of a Product Profile Request

Is there an approval process the information goes through, or is it automatically published live to the site once we submit the form? How long does it take to go through the approval process?

Yes, prior to your Product Profile information going live it will be moderated to ensure the required guidelines are followed. The guidelines will be published under the Gartner Peer Insights Product Listing Guidelines and linked within the Product Profile submission space. Please allow the team 2-3 business days to review your request.

If I submit a request for a Product Profile , how long will it be before my Product Profile appears online?

Moderation team vets the information shared by the vendor for Product Profile requests. The Moderation Process typically takes 2-3 business days but can take up to 10 business days. Once accepted by the moderation team, a Product Profile is available for the public.

Would Gartner be changing my information to fit the guidelines during the moderation process?

No , Gartner will not be changing any information . If a request does not adhere to the Listing Guidelines Do’s and Don’ts, the vendor will receive an email to resubmit the request. The email will have a comment from the moderator to help the vendor understand the field/(s) which do not comply with the Listing Guidelines. Kindly refer to Listing guidelines for do’s and don’ts” before submitting a Product Profile.

What is the moderation process? How can I ensure that my Product profile is published & not rejected during moderation?

The moderation team ensures that only factually correct information complying with the listing guidelines is published.

To decrease chances of rejection during moderation, strictly adhere to the do’s and don’ts in the Listing guidelines while submitting your Product Profile request. You can check the Listing guidelines here.

I feel the moderation has been inaccurate, how do I contest it?

Please reach out to your Program Manager or with any concerns.

Other Questions

What if I no longer want to participate in the Product Profile?

You can submit a request to delete your Product Profile. The request will be processed in up to 10 business days and you will be informed once your Profile has been taken down.

We are not a Gartner client – Can anyone with access to the vendor portal submit updates to the product information? Can we update the information at any time?

Yes, any vendor with at least 1 product listed on Gartner Peer Insights will be able to submit their product information at any time.

Will I need to participate in anything else to be involved in the Product Profile?

You need to add yourself as a vendor and add your product(s) on Peer Insights. After you are listed on Gartner Peer Insights, you can create a Product Profile for yourself.

Will Gartner Research Analysts use my Product Profile in their research?

Product Profile is publicly available information available to anyone who chooses to use it.

Need additional assistance? Reach out to your Program Manager or email for assistance!

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